So Many Towels

I have been collecting towels for months now but there just seems to be no end to how many there are in this house. It is very frustrating that every time I get a nice pile of them my hoomans destroy all my work. One day I will gather all the towels to me and then all will be right in the world.

2 thoughts on “So Many Towels”

  1. I like to collect things too, not towels though. My humans put out bowls of nuts just for me and I like to pick out the walnuts and hide them in my crate. But it seems like every time they hear me chewing on one they come and take the whole pile away from me. I can’t understand humans. Why do they put out something so fun for me to collect and chew on and then take it away just when I start to have fun with it? Good luck getting all those towels.

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